Welcome to Toni’s Canine Castle, we are located on the beautiful Oregon coast in the town of Florence, Oregon.  We offer a 24 hour a day, setting  where your dog, is assured a warm and friendly home away from home, for your dog, to stay for however long you would like for us to care for them.

Toni has been for many years, been recognized as a provider of dog care services, to many pet owners in the Florence, Oregon community. For many years, while she was operating another business here in Florence, she had recruited a number of reliable dog care handlers to care for pets when needed.

It was Toni’s life long ambition to one day open a full fledged canine care facility, and so she has, at Toni’s Canine Care Center, which is located at the center of the Oregon Coast, at 4370 Scenic US Highway 1o1, in the town of Florence, Oregon.

There She and her team of trained and supervised handlers provide care for nearly every  type of dog imaginable. From small, to medium, to large, and even extra large, Toni and her team can assure you, safe and loving care for your pet. Whether its just a short stay while you are out and about for a few hours, or longer stays to meet your special needs and circumstances require.

For those dogs who are a little less outgoing, be due to age, health or just disposition, Toni’s Canine Castle will work with you and your pet to develop a plan of care that will insure your pets safety and comfort while in her care. There are of course those very rare exceptions where she may not be able to provide services, but may still be able to help you devise a plan of action, to securing care for your pet, when she cannot.

Thank you so much for visiting Toni’s Canine Castle. Please visit the other pages of our website and find out everything there is to know about us.


Toni’s Canine Castle
4370 US Hwy 101, Florence, OR 97439
Call (541) 590-2466
Website: http://www.toniscaninecastle.com 

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